Residential Roller Shutter – Supplier, Installation & Repairs in Penrith

Your home is your haven, and you want it to be safe, secure, and comfortable. Blinding sun rays, loud outside noise, and poor insulation detract from this comfort, but Penrith Roller Shutter has the solution. 

We specialise in providing top-class residential roller shutters with installation and repair services in Penrith and surrounding areas.

Our experts help you choose the best shutters based on your unique needs. We provide quality shutters made from A-grade aluminium or steel materials to ensure durability, insulation, and energy efficiency.

Benefits of Installing Our Residential Roller Shutters

Investing in our residential roller shutters is an excellent decision for energy efficiency, insulation, security and much more. At Penrith Roller Shutter, we strive to provide the best services and products customised to your preferences.

1. Energy Efficiency
Our roller shutters provide excellent insulation, reducing the heat and cold transferred into your home. This translates into lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

2. Noise Reduction
If you live with loud neighbours or on a busy street, our shutters can dramatically reduce the noise entering your home. The dual-wall cavity with PU foam injected between the layers provides up to a 50% reduction in sound transfer. You’ll enjoy a comfortable, noise-free environment without expensive soundproofing measures.

3. Privacy and Security
Our shutters offer complete adjustability, allowing you to effortlessly control your privacy and the flow of natural light into your space. Whether you prefer complete seclusion or a gentle embrace of sunlight, our shutters are designed to meet your unique needs. Our locking mechanisms provide an added layer of security, keeping out any unwelcome visitors and providing you and your family with peace of mind.

4. Ease of Maintenance
Our shutters are easy to maintain and clean, and they remain functional and elegant for years. Frequent cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your shutters, and our team can provide maintenance and repair services as needed.

5. Customised Solutions
Our experienced technicians can work with any window size or shape, ensuring a perfect fit for your home or office space. We offer a range of colours and styles that matches your existing decor.

  • Insulation – Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer & 50% reduction in sound transfer*
  • Light control – 100% light block out*
  • Added security
  • Wide range of colours
  • Minimum roll up size
  • Style choices
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Protection from the elements
  • Weight (per m2) 4kg
  • Maximum Curtain Width 3.6m
  • Maximum Area (m2) 7.7
  • Gauge of Aluminium 0.32mm
  • Profile Slat Height 40mm
  • Profile Slat Thickness 9mm
  • Standard Guide Dimensions 53mm
  • Standard Bottom Bar Dimensions 50mm
  • Standard Axle 50mm circular

*Colours displayed are a guide only and have been digitally matched as closely as possible. We recommend using genuine Rollashield samples for final colour selection.

What Makes Our Residential Roller Shutter Unique

At Penrith Roller Shutter, we believe in excellence and professionalism. Our services offer the highest quality, timely response, and unmatched customer satisfaction. With precise and careful installation, they ensure the shutters maintain optimum functionality.

Some essential factors that make us stand apart are:

  • We have over ten years of experience in the home improvement industry. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable to provide you with the best services and products.
  • Our team of trained professionals is passionate about their work, offering excellent customer service and answering all your queries.
  • We deliver customised solutions that cater to your specific needs. Whether you have small or oversized windows, we can fit the roller shutters to your needs.
  • We offer affordable services without compromising quality.
  • We only source our shutters from genuine Australian manufacturers, supporting the local economy and ensuring the highest quality.
  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we offer 10 years warranty on parts and accessories of our products, except on the motor of the shutters – which can have a 5 to 7 years guarantee depending on the model you choose. 

Get in touch with us for a free measure and quote on-premises to determine which roller shutters will best fit your needs and transform your home. 

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