55 Fun Things To Do Sober! Things to do instead of drinking

For more resources on sticking to sobriety, Ria Health can help. When you sign up, you’ll gain access to anti-craving prescriptions, coaching meetings, sober houses in dorchester ma and more—all from your smartphone. If you’ve been looking for alcohol-free ways to spend your spare time, there are tons of things you can do.

fun sober activities

Connect with nature by walking in a local park or nature reserve to enjoy the outdoors while clearing your mind. Consider learning some new skills by taking classes, attending workshops, or watching tutorials online. Looking for addiction treatment centers in Pasadena, California? Lift Off Recovery offers affordable rehab programs, local recovery services, and substance abuse treatment options.

Getting out into nature

Dim the lights for an even more calming experience. Plan a weekend to go camping, fishing, or to a sporting event in town. A sound bath uses various instruments to surround attendees with healing sounds. Consider attending a sound bath to relax and balance your energy.

Early in my sobriety, I went to a trampoline park, and it was honestly the most fun I had had in years. This is related to taking a class in a lot of ways. Working with your hands is actually a lot of fun. Do not spend a single brain cell worrying about if it’s cool or not. Not only will exercise give your brain a much-needed dopamine boost, but you’ll also have reduced stress levels, better sleep, and improved digestion.

Have a Movie Night

Want to learn a new language or how to do African dance? Now is the perfect time to start. Bowling is enjoyable at any age, so it’s an excellent sober activity to share with friends or family. Amp up the excitement with some friendly competition for a sober night out. There are so many ways to have sober fun that leave you feeling clear-minded, fulfilled, and filled with actual joy.

  • (I don’t either.) Try joining a community garden or co-op.
  • You can explore new dinner recipes, or learn how to make one of your favorite dishes entirely from scratch, like pasta or ice cream.
  • So why not tackle that pile of books you’ve been meaning to get to?
  • The thought of sobriety can be daunting.
  • There’s a lot you can do to feel fulfilled.
  • Sometimes we buy, buy, buy, without stopping to look at what we already have.

If you’re already embarrassed by the thought of pouring your heart out in rhyme, start with reading a few books of poetry. Go for a classic “Dear Diary” approach or start a bullet journal to get yourself organized. Journaling prompts can help you get started if you’re stuck. The story-driven games and RPGs of today are pretty impressive. Try multi-player versions if you like competition. You don’t need to purge everything that doesn’t bring you joy, but a sober weekend is the perfect time to get your house in order.

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